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Aug 22

New Lebron X's Will Cost Over $300.00

Posted by admin in technologysportsNBALebronkicksbasketballAfrican American


Now you know we like to stay fly and up on our sneaker game at Afroblew.com, but $315.00 for the new Lebrons!?!? Lebron James is a selfish, sellout...a money-grubbing, spoiled pro athlete!!! Not so fast.

Apparently, the Lebron X's (+ Basketball

Nov 06

CP3 All Star Charity Game at WSSU

Posted by admin in sportsNorth CarolinaNBALebronbasketballAcademia

Just in case you missed the Chris Paul Charity Game highlights at Winston-Salem State University back in October, here you go!!! I guess kats WILL stay sharp during the NBA lockout. RAM NATION, STAND

Jul 04

Video: LeBron James Knocks Kid Down While Dunking

Posted by MsWrightNow in LebronGossipEntertainment

LeBron James has a video circulating around on the net, showing him playing knock-out at a basketball summer camp at Stockton College. During the game LeBron was coming down from dunking and landed on top of one of the campers, knocking him to

Jun 27

The LeBrons- EPISODE 10 (of 10): "The Comeback (Part 1)"

Posted by admin in sportsLebronbasketball

Check out the season finale of the entertaining animated web series, The Lebrons.

In this episode, Lebron deals with the issue of (self) confidence.

Jun 13

Bull's Eye: Prince James Air to NBA Throne?

Posted by admin in sportsNBAMiamiLebronEditorialsCommentary

Photobucket Photobucket

Lebron James is one of the best basketball players to ever play the game of basketball and he is not even 28 years old yet. He has been a regular season MVP. He has been to two NBA finals. And, he just might put a NBA championship ring on his

May 27

Heat Reach NBA Finals-Lebron Made Right Choice

Posted by admin in sportsNewsMiamiLebron

The Miami Heat will face off with the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals.

One year ago the Cleveland Cavaliers were eliminated from the Eastern Conference Finals by the Boston Celtics.

Peep this post-game interview. It's really interesting

Apr 27

"The LeBrons" - EPISODE 4 (of 10): "Coach"

Posted by admin in sportsNBALebronkicksbasketball

Check out episode 4 of the "LeBrons."

What do you

Mar 07

Heat in Tears After Loss to Bulls

Posted by admin in sportsNewsMiamiLebron


It was all good just a week ago. The Nightmare Team lost to the Chicago Bulls 87-86 on Sunday.

Heat head coach Erik Spoelstr ragged his squad in his postgame interview.

"That's all it's about right now. There's a couple guys crying in the

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